Unfinished Church


We want to give more people access to what God is doing through RiverGlen. New churches and campuses reach a higher percentage of unchurched people than existing ones. This is why we are launching two new campuses - an online campus and a physical location approximately 15-30 minutes away from our current campus. In addition, by retiring as much as 1.25 million in debt, we will be able to  increase our investment in growing current and new locations.

Unfinished People


God’s word says we’re not finished as people. God wants us to maintain our momentum and continue to reach out and make more and better followers of Jesus. We need to make sure that all of our existing ministries to children, students and adults stay alive, healthy and growing.

Unfinished Mission


We’re not finished reaching out beyond RiverGlen to grow THE church. We want to plant 5 more churches by the year 2020. We also want to be known as a church that loves our community. Over the next two years, we are going to unleash a wave of generosity to help those in need locally, regionally and globally.


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