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find community and growth in groups

our groups ministry provides a unique opportunity to discover your purpose, connect with others in community, and grow in your faith.

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Alpha Experience

an opportunity to explore life, faith and meaning in a safe space.


Rooted Experience

discover practical rhythms so you can live out your faith in a big way.


Small Groups

connect and grow in fellowship with other believers.

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Financial Peace

learn how to manage your money well.

Cement Floor

group highlight

Groups Q&A

Emily and Naomi, co-leaders of a small group at RG, sat down and discussed some of the benefits behind both being in a small group and facilitating one.

looking to start a group?

share your groups story

our groups ministry is always looking for stories from groups who have experienced life change, community and spiritual growth. We believe storytelling is an effective way to make BIG impact. Do you have a story to share?

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