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Habitat partners with families in need to build a home that fulfills a dream; a dream of safe, reliable housing for a family.

 In different parts of the world, different factors can affect a family’s sense of safety. For some, a Habitat home includes something they have never had before: a front door that locks and the sense of security that comes with it. A decent, affordable house can have a significant impact on a family’s health. Replacing a dirt floor with a concrete one reduces the spread of respiratory and parasitic diseases. Repairing a leaky roof eliminates mold. Creating access to basic sanitation facilities such as toilets or latrines helps improve hygiene and stops life-threatening disease. Affordability raises a family’s standard of living and relieves the psychological pressure of being forced to make tough trade-offs just to make it through the month.

The need for affordable housing is stronger than ever.

Upcoming serve opportunities with Habitat for Humanity:

Help build a home May 6

Help build a home May 20 

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Part of living on mission is joining in on being the hands and feet of Jesus in our community. We have several serving opportunities with our local Outreach partners. 

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