We're dedicated to ensuring that your kids and teens will love this place! We're committed to helping kids and students take steps toward Jesus and the plans that God has for their lives - and we'll have fun doing it along the way! Our goal is to equip and work alongside parents to influence all of our kids for Jesus. We believe that stronger families make a stronger church. From birth through graduation, we provide core teachings and experiences leading kids toward Jesus.


Early Childhood Ministry focuses on birth through kindergarten. Classrooms with caring volunteers provide a welcoming and nurturing  environment for your little one. We have a Nursery for newborns to 12 months, a Toddler room for 12 to 24 months, and a Preschool to Kindergarten room with lots of hands-on learning, music and games. 

Elementary Ministry 1st to 3rd grade classrooms and 4th to 5th grade classrooms allow for age appropriate lessons, games, music, and group discussions.

Visiting for the first time? We would love to know more about you and your child so we can serve you. 

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Edge Middle School Ministry provides youth group and worship for 6th through 8th grade for all locations.

Unite High School Ministry supports students from freshman through senior year graduation with youth group and worship. 

College-Age Ministry is focused on young adults after they transition from high school. 

Family Life Milestones 

Recognize key transitions for each development stage taking place for your child and family.

For Birth through Toddler Years, we hold a Parent/Child Dedication celebrating the parents’ dedication to being spiritual leaders for their child. Parent Classes and Celebration weekends are listed on the calendar. For more information about the next class and dedication and to register click below. 

Parent Child Dedication Registration Here

Incoming First Graders celebrate Launch as they start their next stage of life in elementary school. June of every year.

Incoming Sixth Graders celebrate Become, recognizing they are developing their own identity and the role you play in shaping that during the middle school years. August of every year.

Incoming Freshman students celebrate Own, looking forward to the next 4 years of High School and to being equipped to own their faith. June of every year.

Graduating High School Seniors celebrate Go. We honor the graduating seniors and their families and we look forward to where their lives will go. June of every year.

Impact today!

Every child needs at least 5 adults in their lives other than parents to help encourage, support, and positively influence their life. Through Impact we invest time and attention in our next generation.

There are many ways for you to volunteer and the best part is you do not have to be an expert teacher, super nanny or nurse, or even a Bible historian. What you do need is a big heart and the willingness to care. What are you waiting for? Fill out the volunteer form below and we will contact you. 

Kidlife or Student Volunteer Application- Click Here 



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