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How Can Faith Enrich Our Lives?

Many of us aim to live good, meaningful lives. We desire to connect and help others, achieve our dreams, and make a name for ourselves. For TJ Fekete, an attender at RG, his life was good. He didn't bottom out, or have an extreme low, and was blessed with a job that involved doing something that he loved. But TJ would soon discover, that faith makes life better.

TJ's curiosity continued to grow when attending RG. Despite his belief that he was living a good life already without God, he came to understand that there was something missing. He would later discover that faith would make his life all the more better.

As TJ delved deeper into his faith, he began to see the ways in which it enriched his life. He found comfort and strength in knowing that there was a loving and caring God who was looking out for him. He also found community and support through his interactions with other believers at RiverGlen church.

For TJ, baptism was a natural next step in his spiritual journey. It is a symbol of his commitment to his faith and his desire to live a life that is aligned with God's will. Baptism is an important step for believers as they seek to deepen their relationship with God and live a life that follows Jesus.

man standing in pool with sign that reads "child of God"

The act of baptism is also significant because it is a public declaration of faith. By getting baptized, TJ is letting the world know that he is a follower of Christ and that he is committed to living a life that reflects his beliefs.For TJ, baptism wasn't an immediate response to his newfound passion for faith. In fact, TJ wanted to get some things in order first. But at the end of the day, baptism is what he felt was necessary to start fresh, and fully commit to his spiritual walk.

If you feel that God is calling you to take the next step in your spiritual journey and get baptized, I encourage you to do so. Baptism is a beautiful and meaningful symbol of your commitment to God, and it can be a transformative experience that brings you closer to Him.

TJ's decision to get baptized is a testament to the important role that faith plays in our lives. It is a reminder that even those living the best versions of themselves, God still can offer us so much more than we could imagine.

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