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Big Offering Giveaway 2022 UPDATE!
Sep 11, 2023

One of our favorite weekends of the year is coming up soon, our Big Offering Giveaway! We are so blessed to be able to do this each year.

We recently spoke with our partner at Missions of Hope International and they gave us an update on how YOUR generosity from last year's BOG impacted their community. They have completed construction of the Babadogo school building in their community, which now, alongside the disabilities ministry site and new sports complex, is completely transforming the area.

They say, "We are SO grateful for your generosity in making this possiblethe results are beautiful! The school does wonderful work for the children, but the outside of the building didn't represent the quality of education going on inside and it didn't speak to the value we place on the community. But now it does!"

Thank you for your generosity this past year in making this possible.

We're partnering with MOHI and Stadia again this year for our Big Offering Giveaway. We hope to make an impact for Jesus not just in our local community, but around the world. 

RiverGlen Stories

The Power of an Invite
Aug 17, 2023

Part of RiverGlen's philosophy is the power of invitation. We believe it starts with an invitation into a relationship with others, and loving and serving others where they're at, which inevitably leads to an encounter with Jesus. For Ashley, she and her family became a recipient of an invitation just like this that would change their lives.

As they closed on their new house in 2013, they started meeting the neighbors. One of them, who is now one of Ashley's best friends, invited Ashley and her family to RiverGlen Christian Church multiple times. Not long after, Ashley's mom also started attending RiverGlen.Almost every weekend, there was an invitation from Ashley's mother to attend RG with her. "Looking back, I know now that God was working through them to keep asking me." 

Finally, in January 2018, Ashley accepted the invitation to come to church. "What I know now is that God was preparing my heart and my mind for what was coming later that year and the years to come for us." Since coming in 2018, Ashley found herself diving deeper into her faith like never before.

Ryan, Ashley's husband, found himself at a crossroads. Faith wasn't part of his story... yet. He found himself in the midst of his own transformation as he found Jesus through an invitation from his wife to come to church. Both Ashley and Ryan were baptized in December 2019.

"We live for Jesus now and he's at the center of our lives." 

When asked what she would tell someone who is considering inviting a friend to RG, Ashley said "Do what my friend and my mom did - just keep asking and let God do the rest."

"Life is crazy. We never really know what's up ahead. God used my friend and my Mom to get me to church so that I was ready for the struggle. If we don't let God use us this same way, we're missing an opportunity to give the people we love the hope and love of Jesus to help them get through their struggles." 

Ryan and Ashley have continued the chain of invitations and extended it to their other neighbors. Two families have attended church because of an invitation from Ashley and her husband, and another family has continued to attend for the last year. Through those invites, they have had great conversations in the neighborhood about God. "It feels like it opened a door that wasn't open before. I'm hoping to have more of those conversations in the future."

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Support through Community
Aug 09, 2023

Whether it was 10 years ago, or recent, it's easy to feel alone when going through a divorce. When Wendy Schanau went through a divorce, she had support from family and friends. Though she was supported, she wished she could connect with people who understood the emotions she was experiencing. 

Wendy started attending RiverGlen's Divorce Care group. Wendy shared, "I felt like people truly understood what I was going through. In the group, there were many different situations, but everyone was going through similar experiences and was able to offer support and advice".

Divorce Care is for anyone going through a divorce, already divorced or separated. It's a safe place to talk and connect with people who are in similar situations. Everything shared is confidential and safe.

Wendy shared this encouragement to anyone who is hesitant to attend, "If God is putting it on your heart- just do it. You don't have to come and spill your guts. Come and just listen, and the trust will develop."

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Honoring God through Baptism
Jun 22, 2023

Jerod grew up in a Christian home where his family attended church every Sunday. It wasn't until high school when he made his faith his own. Jerod said he just figured baptism was something he would get around to doing eventually.

Jerod made the decision to be baptized at RiverGlen in May 2021!

What made you come to the decision of getting baptized when you did?

It’s something our church talks about a lot, so I had been thinking about it, but it was one night in particular that I woke up out of a deep sleep and my first thought was “I need to get baptized.” I knew it was the Holy Spirit because it was so clear and unprompted. It was a few weeks later during Unite that Garrett had a call to baptism for the kids and I felt God nudging me again like this was the time.

What was the actual experience of getting baptized at RiverGlen like for you?

It was such an amazing experience being able to share it with the church family and the community we’ve found here. The entire process was easy because RiverGlen had everything I needed, including clothes and a towel. I was able to be baptized by my wife which was just a very special moment for us to have forever. 

How has your life changed since being baptized?

Even though I’ve been walking with God for some time now, taking the step of baptism made me feel even closer to Him. It's a moment that I can look back on as sort of a “re-commitment” to pursuing Him with my life, as well as a constant reminder of God's grace and pursuit of me. Baptism was the proclamation of my faith and publicly announcing the love God has for me. 

Have you been thinking about getting baptized?

Learn more about Baptism!

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Finding Purpose Through Volunteering
Jun 12, 2023

Elise's first experience at RiverGlen was as a guest at our Night of Stars Prom. From there, Elise made connections and jumped in, making RiverGlen her church.

Elise started volunteering at RiverGlen and made the decision to be baptized! "I love volunteering. Nothing makes me happier and feel more alive!"

We can learn a lot from Elise's story. She had the courage to step out and try something new! When you volunteer at RiverGlen, you grow as a person, make new friends and find purpose. 

Interested in finding out more about serving? Click below.

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