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RG Kids is a fun, interactive weekly experience, offered for ages 0-5th grade. Every week in RG Kids we use a Bible-based curriculum that is tailored weekly to meet the specific learning needs of each age group, along with music, fun, and relationship building!

What will my child be doing in RG kids?

Your child will learn 3 truths with us; God Made Me, God Loves Me, and Jesus Wants to be My Friend Forever. We teach these through memorable activities, interactive bible story lessons, and singing.
For elementary-age children, participate in grade-level groups where we weave together music, Bible lessons taught in a large group format, small group discussions, video presentations, and creative activities.

Will my child have snack during service?

We only offer a snack of Goldfish Crackers (gluten free snack available) to our toddler aged children. There is no food allowed in any other classroom.

What if my child becomes upset?

Will my child be safe?

All team members on the RG Kids team complete an application and background check, complete training, and wear a nametag. We have a secured check-in/release process as well as a strict two-person rule and bathroom/diaper changing policy.

We will make every attempt to help your child acclimate to RG Kids, but if they just cannot adjust (within 15 minutes), we will alert via; first texting you on the number selected when you checked your child in. We will then send your child’s unique security code to the auditorium, where it will appear on the top left of the center screen.

parent resources

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Growth Chart

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meet the team

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Waukesha Kids Lead
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Pewaukee Kids Lead
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