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Sherry's Inspiring Journey through Alpha

In the fall of 2020, Sherry was eager to reconnect with her faith after the isolation imposed by the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having been away from church for 18 years, she often drove past the RiverGlen Pewaukee campus and decided to take a leap of faith and check it out.

Her reasons were deeply personal. Sherry had faced some challenging moments in life and felt a strong desire to reconnect with God. She shared, "I grew up going to church, but I had been away for 18 years. I drove past the RiverGlen Pewaukee campus every day and decided to check it out. I went through some hard things and wanted to reconnect with God."

It was during this time that a new session of Alpha was about to launch, and Sherry decided to sign up. She felt like a prodigal son returning home, carrying many questions about faith in her heart. To her delight, she found a warm and welcoming community at Alpha, where everyone was excited to help her find the answers she sought. This marked the beginning of a profound transformation in her faith, bringing her closer to God than ever before. Additionally, she forged close relationships with those at her Alpha table, and they continue to meet as a small group to this day.

Little did Sherry know that her journey was just beginning. On that very first day at Alpha, she had no idea that she would eventually become a table assistant and then a table leader. Today, Sherry proudly leads the Alpha experience at the Pewaukee campus, humbled by the fact that God is using her gifts to train and lead others. For her, the most rewarding aspect of Alpha is witnessing people who come in with uncertainty and doubts open up to their faith.

Sherry passionately encourages others to give Alpha a try. She says, "One of the things I love about Alpha is that you can come and check it out. Worst case scenario, you get a free meal. Try it for three weeks, and you will be pleasantly surprised by what you learn. What do you have to lose? If it isn't for you, no big deal. Come with your questions and doubts. Meet others who are in the same place or who have been there."

Perhaps you've tried joining a life group in the past and didn't quite feel that connection, or maybe you've never been part of a group before. Regardless of where you stand, Alpha offers a welcoming and supportive starting point for your search to find purpose, meaning, and answer big questions you're wrestling with.

If you're interested, sign-ups are now open for Alpha at the Waukesha campus, starting this October. Join Sherry and others on this inspiring journey!


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