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Honoring God through Baptism

man and woman standing in baptistry

Jerod grew up in a Christian home where his family attended church every Sunday. It wasn't until high school when he made his faith his own. Jerod said he just figured baptism was something he would get around to doing eventually.

Jerod made the decision to be baptized at RiverGlen in May 2021!

What made you come to the decision of getting baptized when you did?

It’s something our church talks about a lot, so I had been thinking about it, but it was one night in particular that I woke up out of a deep sleep and my first thought was “I need to get baptized.” I knew it was the Holy Spirit because it was so clear and unprompted. It was a few weeks later during Unite that Garrett had a call to baptism for the kids and I felt God nudging me again like this was the time.

What was the actual experience of getting baptized at RiverGlen like for you?

It was such an amazing experience being able to share it with the church family and the community we’ve found here. The entire process was easy because RiverGlen had everything I needed, including clothes and a towel. I was able to be baptized by my wife which was just a very special moment for us to have forever.

How has your life changed since being baptized?

Even though I’ve been walking with God for some time now, taking the step of baptism made me feel even closer to Him. It's a moment that I can look back on as sort of a “re-commitment” to pursuing Him with my life, as well as a constant reminder of God's grace and pursuit of me. Baptism was the proclamation of my faith and publicly announcing the love God has for me.


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