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Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive: A Young Parent's Guide to Everyday Joy

Embracing the Holiday Spirit Beyond December

For young parents juggling work, family, and personal life, finding the Christmas spirit in everyday life can be a game-changer. Here's how to keep that festive joy going all year long.

1. Fun Family Outings

Waukesha is full of kid-friendly spots perfect for busy parents. Think about visits to the Fox River Park for a nature escape or a playdate at Cutler Park. These mini-adventures can be just as magical and fun as the holidays.

2. Community Connections: Facebook Groups and Events

Stay connected with what's happening in Waukesha through local Facebook groups. They're a goldmine for finding family-oriented events, meetups, and even a parent nights out.

3. DIY Home Fun

Try DIY crafts inspired by our beautiful Wisconsin scenery or cook up a local recipe as a family. These small activities create warm memories, much like Christmas traditions.

4. Parent-Friendly Hangouts

Discover Waukesha’s cafes and eateries where kids are welcome, and parents can relax. Places like Steaming Cup or The Coop offer that perfect mix of adult and child-friendly atmospheres.

5. Celebrate the Small Things

As a family, take time to celebrate the small wins in life. Practicing gratitude will completely change your outlook on life, and will promote more joy and peace.

6. Get Connected at a Local Church

Finding a church where the love of God is celebrated and offered to all is a great place to get connected. A church community can offer support through difficult times, encouragement and praise when life brings even small moments of joy, and so much more.

7. Parent Groups

Whether at your local church or through an online community, fostering relationships with other local parents can provide insight and encouragement founded on commonalities.f

Christmas is more than a season; it's a feeling that can brighten your family's everyday life. With these local, easy-to-do activities, you can keep the joy and warmth of the holidays alive all year long!


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