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Shaping Leaders: How We Raise Our Kids Matters

a family with a child.

How We Raise Our Kids Matters

Today's culture presents unique challenges for our youth and the parents striving to guide them. As parents, we all want to raise our children to be happy, healthy, and successful. However, in today's world, where societal pressures are constantly looming over us, navigating the complexities of parenthood without feeling stressed and overwhelmed can be a real challenge. It's never too early to start developing your child's leadership skills, equipping them to succeed in life and grow in their faith. Let's discuss effective strategies for setting you and your kids up for success.

a woman smling with a baby in her arms

Find a Community

As we navigate the ups and downs of parenthood, we realize that we can't do it all alone. That's when the power of small groups within our church comes into play. With the support and encouragement of like-minded individuals, we can tackle challenges and celebrate victories together. These groups become a vital part of our parenting journey, offering a safe space to share our experiences and grow in our faith.

A parent's well-being is as important as the well-being of their children. There are a myriad of ways to find community; apps such as Nextdoor, Facebook groups, and Meetup offer opportunities to connect with other like-minded individuals who are in a similar stage of life. Parenting is easier with a support system beyond just family.

a woman smiling holding a sign that read "motivated to find God's purpose for my life."

Leading by Example

Commitment to faith, demonstrated through our actions, teaches our children the importance and significance of living a Christ-centered life. Our daily choices serve as a living testament to the values we hold dear, offering our children a blueprint for their faith journey.

Spending time reading the Bible, participating in a church community beyond just the weekend service, and praying, are all examples of how we can demonstrate a dedication to faith. Some great resources available to you are the Youversion Bible App, Rooted Discipleship Experience, and Rightnow Media.

As parents, we hold a responsibility to set a good example for our kids. Our every action and word can leave a lasting impression on them and shape their beliefs and attitudes. So let's strive to be the best versions of ourselves, and inspire our kids to follow in our footsteps.

a group of teens bowing their heads in prayer

Fostering a Faith-Filled Home

Inspiring a sense of ownership in children is as important as leading by example. Encouraging your children to lead prayer time, read or watch bible stories (bible app for kids and the Adventure bible are fantastic resources), and inviting them to ask questions and share their faith can lead to meaningful discussion and ownership over their faith.

It's also amazing how children can inspire and encourage their siblings to embrace their faith when they are encouraged at a young age. Not only that, but they can also teach us valuable lessons about trust, faith, and taking ownership of our actions. It's a beautiful thing to witness and learn from and may cultivate a deeper bond as a family.

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Raising future leaders within a Christian household is a journey filled with both challenges and blessings. By leaning on our community and embodying the principles of our faith, we offer our children the greatest gift: a foundation built on love, leadership, and faith. How we raise our kids matters; we can navigate the complexities of today's world, shaping resilient and compassionate leaders.


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