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Want to make a greater impact on the next generation?

We're super excited to welcome folks who love making a positive impact on kids' lives to join our RG Kids ministry as volunteers.

There are all sorts of cool roles up for grabs, from cuddling our littlest ones to having a blast with our curious 2-3 year olds. And if you're up for a more hands-on gig, you can guide and inspire our 1-5th graders, helping them learn and grow.

By hopping on board with us, you'll not only help these awesome kids thrive but also build some fantastic connections in our community. We truly believe that each volunteer brings something special to the table, making a real difference in these young lives and creating meaningful experiences for everyone involved. Let's team up for something amazing and shape the future generation together! 🚀

Ashley Kiselicka

Volunteer Lead

Weekends at RG Kids
during services
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