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A Mission to Help Hurting Women: Redeem and Restore

Krista Hull started Redeem and Restore because she felt God calling her to use her story in a way that encourages others. She believes someone needs to be there for vulnerable women, to let them know that they are not alone, that they are valuable, and that God loves them.

Redeem and Restore allows women to live and rebuild their lives after escaping a life of exploitation and sex trafficking. These women can live in the home for up to 18-24 months where they will have a safe space as they build the foundation of a new life. Coaches and mentors come into the home regularly; teaching valuable life skills, empowering them, and praying over them on a daily basis.

Krista has said that one of their biggest needs at this time is a van. They want to function as a family, and part of that includes driving to the grocery store, the library, the animal shelter, and more. We are so thrilled to announce that through YOUR generosity, RiverGlen has been able to purchase this van for Redeem and Restore!

Wondering how else you can help support Redeem & Restore? They are looking for mentors to come into the home and share their gifts and talents, whatever it may be! This can be whatever God has blessed you with, whether it be art, resume building, speaking, car maintenance, or other life skills. Lastly, they are looking for a female staff member to come on board for Tuesday nights!

To learn more about Redeem & Restore and to support their mission, head to:


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