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Finding Care Through Divorce

Whether it was 10 years ago, or recently, it's easy to feel alone when going through a divorce. When Wendy Schanau went through a divorce, she had support from family and friends. Though she was supported, she wished she could connect with people who understood the emotions she was experiencing.

Wendy started attending RiverGlen's DivorceCare group. Wendy shared, "I felt like people truly understood what I was going through. In the group, there were many different situations, but everyone was going through similar experiences and was able to offer support and advice".

Divorce Care is for anyone going through a divorce, already divorced or separated. It's a safe place to talk and connect with people who are in similar situations. Everything shared is confidential and safe.

Wendy shared this encouragement to anyone who is hesitant to attend, "If God is putting it on your heart- just do it. You don't have to come and spill your guts. Come and just listen, and the trust will develop."


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