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Ashley's Journey of Discovering Her Worth in God's Ministry

In everyone’s journey of faith, there comes a moment of self-doubt, a whisper questioning our worthiness to serve in God’s greater plan. Ashley’s story is a powerful illustration of this universal experience, yet it is also a testament to an extraordinary truth: God’s ministry thrives not on our perfection, but on our willingness to be used, imperfections and all.

Ashley, like many of us, once believed she was too inadequate to contribute meaningfully to God's work. This belief, deeply ingrained, held her back from embracing the opportunities God placed in her path. However, RiverGlen Christian Church, rooted in the mission of making more and better followers of Jesus, became the ground where Ashley would find God calling her to serve His mission and ministry.

Through engaging with the church’s core beliefs, particularly the understanding that we are all sinners in need of salvation (Romans 3:23), Ashley realized her inadequacy didn't disqualify her from serving in God’s ministry; rather, it qualified her. She learned to celebrate what God was doing in her life, connect with others through shared vulnerability, and contribute by sharing her journey, thus encouraging others to step forward in faith, despite their perceived shortcomings.

God asks for our faith, our humility, and our openness to let Him work through us, using our unique stories to inspire and uplift others.

Ashley’s transformation from doubt to confidence serves as an inspiration to anyone feeling inadequate or unsure of their place in God’s plan. Her journey underscores a crucial message that resonates deeply with RiverGlen’s mission: We all have a place in God’s ministry, not because we are perfect, but because we are perfectly loved by Him. Our willingness to be used, despite our flaws, is what truly matters.

In embracing our imperfections and offering ourselves in service, we align with God’s greater purpose of building relationships and loving all people. Ashley’s story is a call to each of us to step out in faith, to use our lives as a testament to God’s grace, and to contribute to the mission of making more and better followers of Jesus, one act of faith at a time.


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