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MOHI Impact in Babadogo, Kenya

Maybe this isn't the first time you've heard about Mission of Hope International. MOHI is a non-profit organization with a huge impact in Africa. They work within 35+ communities to provide access to quality education, medical services, and economic opportunities that empower families to rise above adversity.

Their philanthropy goes beyond meeting the physical and economic needs of a family, but also the spiritual needs. Many communities have little to no access to bibles, nor know or have heard about Jesus. MOHI seeks to change this - by planting churches, serving each community with the heart of Jesus, and sharing the gospel.

A Chance to Get Involved

One of our favorite weekends of the year is coming up soon - it's our Big Offering Giveaway. We are so blessed to be able to do this each year.

We recently spoke with MOHI. They gave us an update on how YOUR generosity from last year's Big Offering Giveaway, or BOG, impacted their community. They have completed construction of the Babadogo school building in their community, which now, alongside the disabilities ministry site and new sports complex, is completely transforming the area.

They say, "We are SO grateful for your generosity in making this possible—the results are beautiful! The school does wonderful work for the children, but the outside of the building didn't represent the quality of education going on inside and it didn't speak to the value we place on the community. But now it does!"

This year, we plan on continuing our support for MOHI and Stadia, to help spread the good news of Jesus, and serve the underrecognized communities in Kenya.

We'd love to have you be a part of it. All it takes is your generosity. Generosity fuels these kinds of projects and organizations from ideas to completion.

You can give during our Big Offering Giveaway September 30 and October 1. All money given during that weekend via check, cash, or online gift will be given back to impact local and international outreach partners like MOHI.


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