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Overcoming Hurry Sickness

woman singing on stage with cross behind her

We started off The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry Message series this past weekend. I had a great conversation with Director of Weekend Services, Charity, about her experience with hurry sickness and learning to slow down.

Q: Do you struggle with hurry sickness?

Charity: Yes. I resonated a lot with the message last weekend. I'm a mom of three kids, so rushing is kind of the name of the game. Getting everyone out the door in the morning can set a hurried pace for the day. I cut corners to save time, multi-tasking to where it feels like I'm not accomplishing what I need to well.

Q:What helps you slow down?

Charity: Time with God in the morning is essential. It's taken me years to get a good routine going. Right now what works for me is waking up 15 minutes before the kids and reading my Bible with a flashlight. It's an unhurried time and sets my heart on God for the day.

Q:What would you say to your younger self in regard to hurrying, rushing?

​Charity: I'd tell myself that hurry does not help. It's not worth it. The stress it puts on relationships is harmful. It's not worth the mental stress it puts on you. When you actually take time to slow down, that's when you are open to hear from God.


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