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Amy's Story: A Single Woman's Journey to Adoption

God sometimes works in unconventional or mysterious ways. For Amy, it was an act of God that would lead her to adopt, despite her initial thoughts.

In 2011, Amy went on a mission trip with RiverGlen Christian Church to Hidalgo County, Texas. It was a trip that was supposed to be to Mexico, but unfortunately due to travel complications, the trip was redirected to the border on Texas's side.

While Amy was there, she met a little girl who was recovering from an accident. Although it didn't seem like much at the time, that little girl was one small hint at the bigger plan God had for Amy's life.

"I always wanted kids," Amy says, "I dated for a decade after divorce. I just kept having the same roadblock – I would wind up dating and mentioning wanting kids and my partner wouldn’t want that." Amy found herself single and having gone through several years of infertility.

"I wanted the whole package; I didn’t want to be a single mom." But it was Amy's mom and one of her dear friends, Brenda, who finally encouraged her to consider adoption. "I was in my mid-40s, and it was my mom - she was never the person to tell you what to do. But she told me to do it on my own; she said, 'You know you've always wanted this.'"

So, Amy decided to find out what adoption could look like for her. Brenda and Amy attended an informational meeting for adoption through a private adoption agency, exploring what it would look like to adopt internationally. Coming out of the meeting, however, Amy was discouraged. "It felt hopeless because I was old, and I was single. These countries were expecting you to go for two weeks at a time; how am I going to pay for that, or to be out of work?"

International adoption didn't seem like the right fit. Then one weekend, Amy noticed a woman sitting in front of her at church. This woman had adopted a little girl. "That’s where God started to put the right people in my path – the woman had suggested going through the foster care system and said there are these kids in our backyard who need loving homes."

It took Amy about a year to research her options. She finally felt like God was calling her to adopt through the US foster care system. Amy got her dual license and started to pursue foster-to-adopt.

But time passed, and there was little word from Amy’s social worker. The right placement just hadn’t come up yet. Amy found herself wondering what exactly God had planned for her. Meanwhile, Amy’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. "I remember I was on my way to a doctor's appointment with a specialist [to explore pregnancy options]. My mom was home in hospice. I was going to cancel my doctor’s appointment and my brother said I should just go. As I pulled up, the foster care system called. They said they had Adam who was a 5-month-old boy."

Amy's appointment with a specialist was to explore alternative options - such as adopting embryos or sperm donation. She had been waiting for some time for the right placement with the foster care system, but nothing had come up... until now. Amy left her appointment with a decision. She called her social worker back. "I came out and called the social worker, thinking this wasn’t a good time because of my mom. But she said there was no one else in Milwaukee County with a dual license who could take him."

So, Amy chose to take Adam. "I went home to tell my mom about it. My mother passed two days later."

Amy’s incredible support system welcomed Adam with open arms. She even got to have a baby shower only a short time before taking Adam.

In a continuous series of events, Amy would find God affirming her decision to take Adam. "I talked to Adam's birth mom." Amy's conversation with Adam's biological mother led to the revelation that her name was the same as Amy's. But it didn't stop there. Adam's biological grandmother was named Linda - the same as Amy's mom. It just so happened too, that Adam’s biological grandfather's name was Robert... the same as Amy's dad.

"I’m now 44, I just feel like God led me in this direction, and then to get a baby born with the same names [in the family]? I mean, that’s not a coincidence."

The adoption process was long and complicated. "The whole entire process I had doubts and fears. And my uncle, I will never forget this. We were out to lunch, and we were right in the middle of all this court stuff. He said, 'You know what, God wouldn’t do that to you!'" Amy was encouraged to trust God through the process.

Three years into the adoption process, Amy was finally able to finalize her adoption of Adam. "It is the hardest, best thing I’ve ever done," she says. "Honestly, faith got me through it the whole time. I just knew it in my heart, I was petrified but I knew in my heart."

"Adam is funny, he loves music, I don’t think he’s ever had a bad day. Adam is one of the nicest kids in school, he’s got the softest, kind heart. He doesn’t know a stranger; he runs around the neighborhood looking for all the kids. He loves YouTube shorts, movies, and Xbox. He’s just special, there’s something about him."

Throughout the strenuous process of windy turns, God brought Amy exactly where He wanted her to be - she would become a mother to a wonderful son. "There’s something about being a parent, those sacrifices for him were heaven to me-" says Amy. "It’s amazing because you can’t let fear hold you back."

"I’m less angsty about making things happen, but I know what is meant to will be. Let life unfold, you will be given the gifts that are meant for you. At the end of the day, just through your faith, God will provide." Amy says. "Just pray on it."


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