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Lowell Elementary's Vision to Create an Inclusive Space

Lowell Elementary School, located off of Madison St and Grandview and is one of the elementary schools in the Waukesha school district.

Lowell's principal, Dr. Laurie Pogorzelski, along with the school board and PTO, aimed to raise over $50,000 for a new playground.

The vision was simple - to update the old, worn, and broken playground behind the school. The school's playground sits adjacent to a public park, which attracts more than just the elementary school's students.

In a recent visit to the school, our Outream team met with Dr. Pogorzelski and discussed the plans for their new playground.

This playground is more than just a much-needed replacement. It's an opportunity to foster inclusivity among Lowell's diverse student body.

Many students at Lowell use wheelchairs and need unique physical accommodations. These plans for a new playground would allow for all kids, wheelchair or not, to be able to play and engage with the playground pieces.

Because of our church's generosity, your generosity, we were able to give them a portion the money we raised during our Big Offering Giveaway, to help them get one step closer to their budget goal.

The pieces that we helped fund are a couple of sensory game walls, and a rotating merry-go-round that is flush with the ground, making it easy for children in wheelchairs to roll up on it and participate in the whirly fun.

We can't wait to see what's in store for Lowell Elementary and the Waukesha community when they break ground on their brand-new playground.


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